Terms & Conditions

The Weight Loss Center: to be referred as ‘’TWLC’’

The website visitors: to be referred as ‘’visitors’’ or ‘’visitor’’

Affiliate program: a program which gives monetary compensation for the sale of a product to a third party by the product manufacturer or its distributor.

General Terms
The visitors agree to all the terms and conditions of this website. In case the visitor does not agree with part of all of the terms and conditions of this website, this visitor should immediately leave this website.

Affiliate programs
TWLC does not directly sell any product on its website. The products showcased on this website are sold by third parties. If the visitor clicks on any of the product link he or she will be redirected on third party website(s) for more product information.

TWLC does not have any control over these third party websites terms and conditions. The visitor must check with these website’s terms and conditions and privacy policies before making any decisions to buy on these websites. All the products purchased by the visitor are controlled by these third parties and TWLC and its owners / representatives will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect consequences from the use of these products. Please make adequate research and consult a medical professional before using any product which may have an impact on your health.

TWLC may receive a financial compensation in case a visitor buys from or register to a third party’s website. This financial compensation vary from one program to another and is a private contract between TWLC and these third parties. These financial compensation do not affect the price paid by the visitor for the purchase of these products or services offered by these third parties.

In case of questions, disagreement, refund request or any other information regarding a purchase made on a third party website, the visitor understands that he or she must send their inquiry directly to the third party website in question. TWLC shall not be held responsible for any consequences related to the use of a product or service offered by these third party websites.

Cookies and tracking
TWLC may use tracking pixels or cookies provided by Google Analytics or Bing Ads tracking (or other tracking devices) which are stored on your browser to help us compile statistics to help us understand our websites visitors’ behavior and preferences. You may delete these cookies by referring to your browser (such as Microsoft Explorer or Google Chrome) instructions on how to erase cookies.

TWLC does not have access and does not compile any financial or personal data related to the visitors. Third party websites may however collect some of these information if you make a purchase or register to their website. Please check any third party’s terms and conditions and privacy policy before making any transactions.
Please use our contact us form if you have any questions about our terms and conditions.