Privacy Policy

The Weight Loss Center: to be referred as ‘’TWLC’’
The website visitors: to be referred as ‘’visitors’’ or ‘’visitor’’

Scope of information
TWLC may collect basic statistics about their visitors’ behavior such as number of pages viewed, duration of visit, geographic location, number of visitors for a specific period of time and other relevant information to help us understand the browsing preferences of our visitors.

TWLC may also ask the visitors’ permission for their name and email to get more information about new product releases. However this information is on a voluntary basis only and visitors may choose to opt-out or unsubscribe at any time, either directly in the link provided in each email sent by TWLC or by contacting TWLC on their contact us page.

TWLC may also use a retargeting pixel to show relevant ads to the visitor after viewing the TWLC website. Visitors can choose to disable these pixels by contacting TWLC or by erasing their browser history.

At any time visitors may opt not to stay of the TWLC website if they do not agree with our privacy policy. Please use our contact us form if you have any questions about our privacy policy.